Rolex Milgaus Bamford Ion Plated Stainless Steel Bezel Black Dial 7476

Rolex Milgaus Bamford Ion Plated Stainless Steel Bezel Black Dial En58657

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Rolex Milgaus Bamford Ion Plated Stainless Steel Bezel Black Dial En58657

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  • Item Number: en58657

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    Movement: Kinetic (Automatic)
    Back: Ion-plated snap-in back with green Rolex authenticity sticker
    Quality: Japanese Miyota
    Case: Ion-plated stainless steel case
    Bezel: Ion-plated bezel
    Band Type: Stainless Steel
    Watch Clasp: Flip Clasp
    Color: Black
    Dial Color: Green
    Diameter : 48 x 39 mm
    Bracelet Length: 198 x 20 mm
    Case Thickness: 14 mm
    Shipping Size: Small
    Luminous: Yes
    Crown: Ion-plated cutwork crown with Rolex logo
    Bracelet: Ion-plated stainless steel link bracelet with Rolex logo deployment clasp

    What does this measure?

    Water Resistant

    Our watches have basic water resistance, it can bear daily life water like water drop and rainfall. If pay more 20 USD, then you can wear it swimming and won't have any damage. Please add this link Water Resistance to your cart and checkout together with the watch.

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  • by

    Hello, I have tried twice to place an order for this watch but I cannot tell if my order has gone through. I am eager to get one! Hoping you will respond here, or to the emails I sent. Thank you!

    Your order has failed, please just place a new order here.

  • by

    The watch is amazing, I am satisfied with all, you you a good company, I will order more soon.

  • by

    the bracelet length is 198mm while I need 235mm length, so whether it is possible to get bracelet length of that size

    You also need to add the size of the watch, of: 39mm. This means that altogether, the watch will have a circumference of: 237mm or 9.33 inches.

  • by

    Are the more expensive (over 300) panerai s water resistant?

    All of the watches we make are water resistant but we do not guarantee them being waterproof. You should not wash your hands with one of our watches on or take a shower, bath or swim with them on, as this will revoke their guarantee.

  • by

    Great quality!. What a beautiful watch! It is a nice weight and has very smooth movement. When I took it to get it sized, the repair person at first inspection could not tell it was a replica, replying someone has been very good this year to get this for Christmas! Will definitely order again!

  • by

    Beautiful watch. This watch is gorgeous and the look of it is what I always hoped for. However, it is far from perfect which is sad because I love the watch so much. The Japanese movement of the watch seems to tick between the 5 second marker and the 20 second marker and doesn't keep time for more than a few hours after removing the watch, causing me to have to adjust the time every time I want to wear it. Also, after wearing the watch for a few hours one of the pins fell out and remains loose. This is strange because it is a threaded pin which should screw securely into place yet there is nothing on the other end to screw it into. I guess they just glue them or something. Anyway, if you can deal with some flaws for the aesthetic of this watch then its ok I guess.

  • by

    A Beauty. I own this watch personally but travel alot and do not like to bring a multi-thousand $ watch with me. So I wear this replica and I can't tell the difference. When I got the band adjusted by my Jeweler who sells Omegas - he could not tell it was a replica. Works great and feels like the real thing. Highly recommend

  • by

    Works fantastic, easy to size.. I am completely happy with this watch. It is one of a kind out there and have compliments on it all the time. I highly recommend! -David

  • by

    Absolutely love it!. This watch is fantastic. By far my favorite watch in my collection now! It is beautiful fits like a glove and I'm proud to own it. Have had tons of compliments. Extremely pleased. Was skeptical at first but when I received the watch I was more than happy. I plan on buying more watches but this one I will always love!

  • by

    Beautiful with a few caveats . While I am again blown away with the overall quality, there are a few minor negatives I need to address first. The luminescent markers on the right hand side are slightly closer to the second marks, almost covering them at the two, three and four o'clock positions (see picture). This is a minor annoyance and I did not notice it until I wore the watch for almost a week. The other negative is the crystal is not green like the original (see side view picture). It has a green AR coating and the seal is green, allowing from most angles to appear close to the correct color. I am unsure of costs and availability, but I wish it had a proper green crystal. This could be brushed off by saying it is an aftermarket crystal since the entire Bamford line is a custom line, both made to order and limited runs. Last issue, which I am aware of with some Miyota movements, is there is loud, almost excessive rotor noise, when you get the rotor spinning in the non winding direction. Ok, negatives are out of the way. My overall impression is one of happiness. Please do not read too much into my negatives as they do not outshine the positives. I took a gamble on this one as I usually wear silver or gold watches. The ion plating is perfect on all visible surfaces and possess only a few minor flaws on non visible surfaces (between two links to be precise). Solid build, all markings match and appear spot on to genuine copies I can find pics of online. Comfortable to wear, weighs about 134 grams with a link removed. Personally tested and my copy is water resistant to 3 bar (even though I know it was a risk, I had to know and I have a water resistance tester sitting around) Just ensure your crown is tightly screwed down. Remember, just because mine passed a 3 bar test, there are no guarantees on anyone else's, don't come crying to me if you ruin your watch due to water leakage. Second hand sweeps at 6 beats per second, not the 8 beats per hour of a genuine Rolex, but in most cases you will not notice a difference unless you are staring at it and know what to look for. Shipping was fast, arrived in a week. Watch was well packaged. I did not take a picture of this one, but I am attaching two pics of another watch I bought from recently so you can see how well it was packaged. I have received all three of my watches in perfect condition. Excellent customer service, they do stand behind their products and I could not be happier (got a replacement band due to a loose clasp cover). I have purchased two watches from them and I actually won this one in the monthly drawing, which is why I went a bit outside my normal comfort zone (my review was not influenced by this fact). I am planning on purchasing a submariner soon to round out my Rolex collection. ( I have this one, a datejust and a swiss quality Daytona). As far as payments go, my credit card company did hold the transaction until I spoke to them and moneygram held the transaction also, delaying the shipment both times by a couple of days, just to be aware and follow up to avoid delays. Best advice I can offer when selecting a replica, 1. don't select what appears to be a $75,000 platinum Daytona if you don't have the means as this will be a tell causing people to look closer expecting a replica. 2. the most common tell on a replica rolex is the date is not magnified to 2.5x, so consider a non cyclops model or a no date option. 3. most important, if you want it to last like a real rolex, treat it as you would a real one and odds are it will last for many years to come

  • by

    Can you tell the difference between this fake one and the real one? Is it easy to?

    Our watches are made with the same materials and design as the originals, no detail has been missed. Please rest assured that no one will notice is not real.

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